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Jonasitis | Personal Post | Maryland Music Photographer


Jonasitis: an addiction to the Jonas Brothers and their music.

Yup. I’ve had it since I was sixteen. It was because of going to five Jonas Brothers concerts that I discovered my love of concert photography.  I was often in the front row, or relatively close to the stage and just kept snapping pictures on my point and shoot camera. I paid attention to the lighting, composition, and action going on. I also saw the photographers in the pit and envied them. When I realized that someone could make a career out of photographing talented artists and bands, I also realized what my passion is and will be for the rest of my life. Of course, photographing the Jonas Brothers was on my bucket list. But I never expected it to happen, or even relatively soon.

My first Jonas Brothers concert was in 2007.Just six years later, currently in the height of my live music photography career, I got to photograph them at Mixtape Festival 2013 from the photo pit with a press pass. I felt like this was one of the shoots my career had been leading up to – I got to shoot the band in which I discovered my love of concert photography at their shows.

When the stage lights dimmed and the crowd at Mixtape Festival 2013 started screaming, I was still had the same feeling I always get when I photograph musicians – which is a major adrenaline rush. As soon as Nick, Joe and Kevin took the stage and I started shooting, I couldn’t believe it – I was photographing the Jonas Brothers in the photo pit, with a press pass, and I was rocking it. They started with “S.O.S.” – one of their first songs that put them on the map, and I couldn’t have been happier. I nailed all the important shots. Joe and I made eye contact several times through my lens and he rocked out for me.

Below are some of my favorite photographs of the Jonas Brothers from Mixtape Festival. Enjoy. 🙂













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