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My “Crazy Beautiful Life” Photographing Ke$ha | Personal Post | Maryland Music Photographer


On Friday, September 27, 2013, pop star Ke$ha performed at Pier Six in Baltimore, MD. Not only was I lucky enough to photograph her concert (which is a crazy good performance by the way), but I was also asked to be her Meet & Greet photographer. 

Meet and Greet photography was something I did as part of my job at Six Flags America for two years; however, I never thought I’d be doing it for an artist like Ke$ha anytime soon. But there I was, being escorted up the stairs to a room where Ke$ha and about twenty of her adoring fans would be soon. After waiting in the room for about ten minutes, in came Ke$ha with her managers. When she walked in, I just said, “Hi!” A few seconds later she replied with a “Oh, hi!” She then started warming up with some of her dance moves along with one of her managers.

This Meet and Greet took place right before she went on stage. Like literally right before she performed. She was due on in fifteen minutes. So then they brought in the fans, and I took one shot per group. Ke$ha is a really sweet girl, and it was crazy cool to have eye contact with her through the lens of my camera.

I absolutely love what I do. This kind of shoot is what I live for; they are a real treat. Hopefully one day I’ll be doing portraits of her and other artists. But for now, this experience was pretty cool – being in the same room with her right before she went on stage. It’s not something many people get to do, and that’s why this post is called “crazy beautiful life” after Ke$ha’s song. It’s so appropriate.

Below are a few of the Meet and Greet photos I took that night. Enjoy. 🙂


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